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With more than 14 years of working with Spray Foam Insulation from both a Consumer's, and the Applicator's, point of view; The Junction Crew and its owner Joe Gayle are seasoned Energy & Insulation Professionals having served customers all over the world. Not only are we able provide a customer with the necessary equipment but we can support that customer prior, during, and well beyond the purchase of any needed equipment. We custom design virtually every package based on our customer's need, complete it in a timely manner, provide manufacturer supported training, support your parts & accessories needs after the sale, and foremost; help our customers build success through the practice of stewardship.


The Junction Crew is striving daily to put real faces with the names of every client we service. We are actively implementing a series of customized "Insulation Accessory CREW Runs" to service the needs of this industry.

Each Buggy will be equipped with the standard wear parts that applicators have a daily need for but more importantly, an Insulation Steward empowered and seasoned to help you weather this tough economy will accompany each vehicle. Selling comes secondary to support and given the opportunity, we'll earn your business.

Currently we have Buggy's servicing these areas.


In lei of the numerous variables pertinent to a quality constructed Graco Spray Foam and/or Coatings Equipment Package, every Junction Crew constructed & assembled CREWbox™ is custom designed. In each case and with education at the forefront of all pre-design consultations; we factor our customers preference in vehicles, their geographic location, the preferred product & brand, their demographic market, relevant DOT laws, and available training & support options before customizing any equipment package. Then, governed by our experience and mingled with a healthy dose of logic; a customized one-off Junction Crew CREWbox™ is designed to insure that your rig will not only make you money but do so for years to come.

Be it a trailer, a box truck, a twin proportioner unit, a portable system, or some combination there of; a Junction Crew CrewBox™ is ALWAYS Electrically engineered, CFM certified, Graco approved, and Manufacturer supported.

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The most common of the DIY Kits available. With sizes ranging from 12 board feet up to 1200 board feet these kits are Uber-Portable and available in Open Cell, Closed Cell, and Roofing formulations.

Temperature is extremely important with these products and that means the product as well as the substrate.

A BOARD FOOT IS: 1 square foot of the product sprayed to a thickness of 1 inch.



The GREENEST option in foam. Refillable & reusable. Available in Class I E84 Approved 1.75lb. Closed Cell.

Though a little intimidating, the pro-cess is simple and easy for most homeowners to handle. The Junction Crew will guide you through the buying, set up, safety, spraying, and returning process.

Sold according to your board foot need, these systems are most efficient for consumer needs of 1700-14000 board feet.

Graco E8P

Graco's E8P Reactor

The most portable option available is Graco's E8P Reactor. Though foam options are limited at this time they are available and The Junction Crew has sprayed them all.

The most temperature sensitive of all the portable systems, special attention should be paid to the temperature of the 5 gallon containers.

This system uses Graco's line of professional spray guns and is a good gateway product to the professional systems.

Graco E10

Graco’s E10

Essentially a professional high pressure unit. Graco's E10 is a work horse capable of spraying polyurethane foams as well as some polyurea blends.

The advantage to this unit is the available products, their respective cost per board foot, and its true portability.

A fantastic option for the small remodeling firm, builder, or weatherization company.

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