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We are 4 Technicians and a lady. Our individual resume’s have far more real world experiences than accolades or certificates hanging on a wall though we have several of those as well. We are Service Technicians for Spray Applied Foam Roofing & Insulation Equipment, Bed-liner Application Equipment, Paint Spraying Equipment, & Specialized Coatings Equipment. We assemble packages, repair proportioner & transfer pumps, walk you through gun repairs, and refurbish the old workhorse proportioners. We are problem solvers that sell parts.

Worth repeating, we are Problem-Solving, Clog-deducing, Innovative-Thinking Foam & Coating Technicians focused on getting our customers equipment back to work quickly and efficiently. We are expanding our parts inventory as quickly as we can in an effort to provide replacement parts for every SPF, Paint, or Coating need.

With this media we are catering to the trigger-man, the applicator in the field, the owner with minimal time, and the person in the office that has no clue what the guy on the phone needs. We are providing a means to communicate to our customers. This is a website designed for the sticky fingered hard working need it found & solved fast buyer and we thank you for visiting & hope you’ll find it informative, helpful, and perhaps a little entertaining. Enough so that you’ll call us & come back to visit.

Our CREWbox equipment packages are not designed nor built to win beauty contests though we are rather proud of their look NOR do we wish to showcase our talents with diamond plate. We design & build each based exclusively on that customer’s demographic need, long term utility, and most importantly; durability. Each CREWbox is assembled in a timely manner with only the highest quality materials with Manufacturer backed warranties (real warranties folks, not the fake promises made by some), we promote Manufacturer supported training programs & strive to provide our customers with a “BIG TEAM-little me” approach in helping them grow, we provide parts & accessories after the sale, and foremost; help our customers build success through the practice of stewardship.

Our bark may be softer than our interweb competitors but our bite more than makes up for it. Give Junction Crew a chance to take the curves out of learning & the pain out of gaining and thank you!

We’d love to hear from you!
To ask us a question or just get in touch, simply call us at our main office at (855) 246-9126. You may also send your inquiry using the contact form below.

Location: 1802 E Poinsett Street Ext Greer, SC 29651
Telephone: (855) 246-9126