Titan Helix FR28 Reactor Foam Proportioner

FIXED 1:1 Ratio; 2,000 psi Proportioner
Smart connect dual pump system
  • Equal amounts of the A and B component increasing
  • Improves accuracy by 3-5%
  • Independent priming and flushing
VisComp – Viscosity calibration tool
  • Continual communication between pumps
  • 64 communications back and forth on each revolution
Integrated Electronic Proportioning
  • TRUE 1:1 when you need it for demanding systems
  • Achieve chemical company and regulatory requirements. Fewer costly job reworks
33% lighter than most comparable equipment
  • Available in Single Phase 48 amp
  • Three Phase coming soon
SureFire Heated Hoses
Controls temperature
  • Actively controls temperature at the gun
Heating element
  • Heating element in the hose provides direct heat
  • Heats up to the spray gun
True temperature
  • True chemical temperature measured at the gun
Hose lengths
  • 100′ and 200′ lengths available
Surefire Heating System Complete Temperature Control from Heater Block to Gun
SureFire Heater Block
Heating rod completely isolated from the coating
  • No failure from chemical
  • No failure from exposure to air when run dry
  • Change wattage or repair without opening the system
Wrap around design
  • Provides over 30 seconds of dwell time
  • Greater surface area to heat chemical
  • Longer dwell time versus competitive one pass design
  • Internal turbulence increases heat transfer
High efficiency aluminum mass heater
  • Patent Pending high efficiency aluminum mass heater. Easily customizable from 3 kw to 18 kw
  • Can stack two to four blocks
Heat with less power
  • Requires a smaller generator
Helix FR28 Specifications
  • Max Pressure – 2,000 psi / 136 BAR
  • Max Heat – 140°F / 60°C
  • Output – 28 Lbs./Min or 2.8 GPM/Min
  • Footprint – 30” x 27” x 37”
  • Weight – 273 lbs / 123 kg
  • Electrical Supply – single phase 230v 48amps
  • Amperage will change with heater wattage function
  • Max Hose length – standard with 200’
Easyout Fluid Section
Video of the Helix FR28 Easyout Fluid Section. Change fluid section on-site in minutes and reduces downtime to keep you spraying.
Quad+ Static packings Vs. Dynamic packings
  • Keeps the pump isolated from environment to prevent crystallization
  • Self-adjusting, self-compensating packing’s never need adjustment
  • Fixed wipers completely clean piston rod; no need to clean cylinder or sleeve
  • Only one-piece which makes it the simplest to service
  • Lower repair costs because no wearable cylinder is required
Complete fluid section replacement program
  • Manual “Park” function
Static packings
  • make park less of a necessary function

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